An Introduction to Shadow Boxing

Welcome to this 10 part video series that will teach you the basic fundamentals of boxing.

Shadow boxing is an excellent way of developing technique, along with giving a great full body workout whilst requiring no equipment – its perfect for those who cannot get to a gym, or prefer to workout in your cabin.

Boxing is a great way to keep both body and mind in sharp order and requires every fitness asset including:

Cardiovascular endurance
Core strength
Coordination and

It is also a brilliant and positive way of releasing negative stress and energy from your body.

These videos can be used as a gateway into real boxing once you have learned the foundations of movement.

You’ll be able to walk into a boxing gym far more confident and prepared.

On the other hand if you have no intention of ever boxing and are simply looking for a new form of exercise that gets you excited about getting up and moving then this course will be perfect for you as well.

About your instructor:

My name is Sam, a boxercise instructor, personal trainer and movement coach who specialises in boxing.

I have over 15 years of experience and look forward to taking you through your paces!

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons